Tuesday, November 26, 2013

More of This and That

M turned 5 months.
 Still no head control, but she smiles a lot!
 And is losing all her hair.
 Getting so big.
 Visiting MAM.
 And keeping up with these two kids who want to be twins.
 We also made a pumpkin for E's school.  It was supposed to be a character from a book, so she picked the "Do you like my hat?" dog  from Go, Dog. Go!
 And T made one for fun too!  From his favorite book, I Wish I had Duck Feet...
 Lots of smiles and giggles.

 And my "twins" pretending they are puppies.
 Getting a little bit of chubby legs.
 And already terrorizing her brother and his precisely set up football game.  Which he claims, "M destroyed my football game on purpose!"
 But tell me, with a smile like this, can she really do anything wrong?
 I don't think so!
Happy Fall Yall!

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Hook'em Horns!

 We had really wanted to take the kids to one UT game this fall (T is OBSESSED with football).  Ft. Worth seemed like an easiest destination, so UTv.TCU it was.  Friday night, we did some shopping and ate dinner with my brother.
Then Saturday, we headed to the game.
 My little longhorn.
 It was such a nice night, the Longhorns were winning, our seats were great.  Everything seemed perfect; until....
 There was a torrential downpour that stopped the game.
 We made a good call to go ahead and leave.  M had the biggest meltdown ever on the drive back.  Running back to the car in the rain had terrified her.  Around 11:30PM the game resumed.  S and my brother went back and stayed until the very end.  When S rolled in about 2AM, I was sound asleep!
The next morning we went to the Bishop's Art District for some shopping and lunch before we headed home.
 Although UT won, the game didn't turn out quite as planned.  However, glad my little football fan had fun.
 The next week, he was supposed to draw a picture of a city in art class.  He came home and said, "I drew college".  I asked where is college?  And he said the town where Uncle John and Mimi live, and where we went the game last weekend.  For now, I guess Dallas/Ft. Worth is the equivalent to college for this crazy kid.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

San Antonio

A few weeks ago, we went on a vacation to San Antonio.  I asked the kids to pack their own toy bags.  When I took a look to make sure they had followed orders, this is what T's bag looked like...
Smart kid! 
We got to town late Friday, and early the next morning we drove to Trinity where S's college tennis team was getting inducted into the athletic Hall of Fame.
 Getting to meet the Trinity Tiger.
 With Mimi (and the Kerrs), at the sideline of the football game. 
 Accepting their award at half time.

 If the stadium looks smaller than a high school football stadium, that it because it is! 
 Proud of S!
 Afterwards, the kids got to play with S's coaches.
 And S got to play with his old teammates.

 The next day, we went to Sea World.
 In the rain!
 However, the weather was cool and the lines were not long.  All in all, not a bad time to visit.
 All kids love Shamu.

 At the dolphins.
 Afterwards, we headed to my most favoritest place EVER!  The Magic Time Machine!!!  If you have never been here, your life isn't complete. 
 The kids ordered bubbling drinks.  The waitress told T his green drink would make him turn into a frog.  I think she went a little too far with the joke, because he got terrified and wouldn't take another sip.  To this day, he will not drink anything that is green.
 And what would a trip to SA be without a visit to the Alamo?  Our little Davy Crockett was ecstatic!

 And then off to Kiddie Park.  I have always wanted to go here ever since I started dating S when he lived in SA.  Thankfully, now we had an excuse!

 All the rides are original to when the park was built.  So fun!

 And S's aunt came out to visit us!

 And love on baby M.
 That evening, we drove to Gruene to eat dinner with the Martins and meet their newest addition.
 And we finished the trip off with some swimming.
And then we drove back home via Dallas, where we met uncle John and saw Mimi again.  We did a little swimming at the hotel and then headed on home.
Such a fun trip seeing family, friends, and enjoying all of our hill country favorites.