Wednesday, December 26, 2012

An Organic Christmas

No, I am not refering to food.  I am sure our Christmas meals were full of nitrates and partially hydroginated nutrients.  I am refering to our decor.

You see, go back four years ago...I would have been totally obsessed with Christmas decor looking "perfect".  Well, this year E & T were so into "decorating" and "creating", I let perfection and order take a back seat. 

Perhaps it started with the countdown to Christmas paper chains they both made at school (yes, I realize I didn't take a picture of these until two days before Christmas, they were much longer earlier in the month).
And of course we enjoyed E's gingerbread house as a kitchen table center piece.
E & T both enjoyed making Christmas gifts for various family members this year.  (Sidenote:  I am totally impressed with T's Christmas tree below.  I told him to paint a green triangle...and he actually did!)
My cute little Mr. & Mrs. Rudolph.

E's whole class ran out one day with these cute litltle headbands on with red-painted noses.  The first thing we did was come home so E could teach T how to make one.
They have had more fun with these construction paper hats.
And little red noses.
So now for the Christmas decor T put up all by himself....
Well, practically every door knob in our house has something hanging on it.  These angels are part of my stair garland; but this year I said good-bye to pretty, sparkley, angelic stair garland;and said hello to random angels in Sloan's office.
And why hang our matching, monogrammed stockings when you can put out dollar store Disney stockings, Sloan's childhood stocking, and one of mine from a few years ago?  (If you notice 5 stockings, and don't know is because we will have a new addition to our family in June.)
And everytime I see these little bells on cabinet doors...I just laugh!  So meticulous and precise; just the way T wanted it.
And I am not sure if this picture does T's effort justice; but the majority of our Christmas ornanments are in the same area.  And yes, leaving a 3 year old in charge does result in multiple ornament casualties.  But that is just part of having a boy!
Random ornaments hung everywhere!

And of course I put up our Christmas "china".  Each year since we have been married, we add paint-your-own pottery plates to our collection.  It makes my heart so happy.
More randomness.
T's creativity and E's ingenuity has made this Christmas season all the more merry.  Can't wait to see what they come up with next year.