Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Where are all the Indians?

This is the question T asked (loudly) as we took the kids to look at Indian's selling jewelry on the Santa Fe square.  One of the Native American salesmen heard him (repeatedly) ask me this, and said, "That's a good question, son." Hmmm.  Well, while we didn't see anyone dressed in a head dress or riding a buffalo, my kids were impressed by all things Santa Fe. 
At our hotel, E told my dad the lobby looked more like a museum than a hotel.  She would look at a bowl and say, "Wow, is that what type of bowl Indians used for cooking?  I have NEVER seen a bowl that looked just like that before."  Perhaps a bit dramatic, but never the less, she was very appreciative of the culture.
Sloan, my dad and brother, and the kids went skiing while we were there.  My mom and I stuck to shopping.
As we were leaving, E was begging to see more of Santa Fe.  So we took her to the famous Loretto Chapel to see the mysterious staircase.  Maybe not the best idea before loading up to drive home; as she had over four hours to ask question after question about who was the mysterious man?  Was he an angel?  Why didn't he tell them his name? Etc.
 When I was a child, I remember asking my parents the exact same questions.  And the truth is, I am still just as intrigued by the mystery of this staircase as E & T.  But I guess there are just somethings we will never know :)