Saturday, April 13, 2013

"The Stone Was Rolled Away...

The stone was rolled away.  When they came on Easter day, the stone was rolled away."

-Lyrics to the Easter song T continues to sing on a daily basis.
Our Easter weekend was full of fun activities.  Starting on Saturday with an Easter egg hunt with friends at the acc.

Singing songs...
An hunting eggs.

Visiting with the Easter bunny.
Eating lunch with Bebe.
Afterwards, we came home to dye eggs.
Sloan only bought a dozen, and I thought we would whiz right thru them.  Boy was I wrong!  We have two meticulous little artist on our hands.  Each egg was decorated with care, and by the end...six each was more than plenty!
The next morning we enjoyed T's choir performance (he is on the far left).  He knew all the motions, had memorized his lines, and sang so loud.  We were so proud of him, and I am pretty sure he was a little proud of himself too:)
Next we headed off to our church, and then to eat lunch with my family.  Here are T and Uncle John in their matching sear-sucker suits.
And last but not least, we hunted the eggs the Easter bunny had hid in our back yard.

The rest of the afternoon was mainly filled with E & T re-hiding the eggs and inviting family to come over to hunt them.
With such beautiful weather, we were so blessed to enjoy most the weekend outside.  And in between the (many) Easter "festivities" I hope we were able to keep the E & T's focus on the Reason we celebrate this special day.  My heart was full of joy as I reminded them (and myself), He has overcome:)