Tuesday, August 20, 2013

My Newborn Obsession

Ok, if you don't want to spend your time reading a mother's gloating baby post then just stop. You have been warned (and it doesn't hurt my feelings).

Rewind to when M was born. I had previous decided not to get newborn pics because I did not for E or T. Then she was born, and I became obsessed with the idea (I will blame it on pregnancy psychosis). Anyhow, S said something along of the lines of, "I bought you a really nice camera; why don't you just take some pictures?"

Enter photo day for M at our house. Only problem; I had no earthly idea how to use my "really nice" camera. But I sure did have fun playing around with it and dolling up M.
Anyways, if you don't read this gloating baby post...check back in a few days for the next gloating baby post. That is because after my "exquisite" photo shoot; S came home in shock and said, "Why did you do all this? Why don't we just call a photographer?"  :)

So there it is, and while the next group of pics was taken after our official "session"; I think they still fall under the obsessive gloating mother post.

my love

The end.


JJ Blandford said...

I'm impressed! My attempt at doing newborn pics with Bennett can't be shown publicly. They were AWFUL!! Can't wait to see more. She is so beautiful!